Monday, April 05, 2010


Remember back when I started the 100 push-ups, 200 sit-ups, 200 squats challenges? In case you're wondering whatever happened to those, let's just say that I am really, really inconsistent with actually getting them done. Basically, I'm doing the workouts 1, maybe 2 days a week, but definitely not the 3 per week that they call for. I'm trying to get better, though. I did sit-ups and push-ups on Friday morning and will do them again tonight when I get home from work.

So my next sit-ups set will be Day 2 of Week 5. I have a sneaking suspicion I could probably do 200 sit-ups right now, but I'm going to continue with the program.

I'm still on Week 1 of the push-ups. My arms are weak and puny, that's all there is to it. I don't really want to go on to Week 2 until I can honestly complete Day 3 of Week 1. "Honestly" meaning no halfway push-ups. On Friday I came the closest to actually doing it, but my arms failed at push-up number 3 on set 5.

(I have fallen on my face more during the few weeks I've been doing the push-up challenge than I have in probably the last 10 years.)

As for the 200 squats challenge - I quit. I got really, really bored doing that many squats. Plus, I did 60 for my initial test and, frankly, I'm fine with being able to do 60 squats in a row. I think that's pretty good actually.

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Joanna Sutter said...

I, too, started the 100 push ups challenge and struggled with staying consistent. YOU ARE NOT ALONE!!!

I have an iPod touch and am thinking about downloading the 100 push ups app to see if that might help me with my push up A.D.D.! HA!