Thursday, April 15, 2010

New Suit!

Not a swimsuit this time, but a real lawyer suit.

So, I'm not really the kind of lawyer who goes to court much, and our firm has a business casual dress code (except on Fridays since I single-handedly instituted "casual Fridays" in the Providence office. Yay jeans!) So I own one suit. I have a notoriously hard time finding suits that fit me well because of my body shape. Two main problems: 1) it's hard to find suit separates and I am two different sizes on the top and the bottom, and 2) my booty fits horribly in pencil skirts, which make up 99.9% of the bottoms available with women's suits.

Let's not even get started on trousers. I've determined that once I'm too small for the Lane Bryant trousers, I can never wear pants again. Regular stores just don't make pants for women whose hips are 12 inches bigger than their waist. Even when I was my thinnest, I had an awful time trying to find pants or shorts that fit because my hips were still 12 inches bigger than my waist. I always had huge gaps at the waist.

Anyway, yesterday I was at a hearing for most of the afternoon, in my suit, the pencil skirt stretching TIGHTLY across my hips and thighs. The hearing was continued until today. Crap. I can't wear the same suit 2 days in a row.

So I dashed over to Macy's after work to try to find something before the Young Women's activity. Now, the last 2 or 3 times I've tried to find a suit, I have left empty-handed. They just don't make suits for a girl shaped like me.

Or do they?

Yesterday I found the PERFECT suit. Calvin Klein suit separates. Kind of a medium charcoal gray with a slightly A-lined flared skirt. A-line? Yes, please!

Only the largest skirt they had was a 10. I tried it on, just in case I had magically shrunk. It was just a touch too small. Oh, if only they had a 12! Then I swear to you, a voice in my head said, "Go look through the sale racks and see if someone dumped a size 12 skirt there." Sure enough, I walked up to the sale racks on the other side of the suit department and perched right on the end of the long line of skirts, was the size 12 gray Calvin Klein A-line skirt.

I am not kidding.

Jason joked that it must have been the Holy Spirit guiding me. I am not above claiming that. Why wouldn't God want me to look good in front of my colleagues in court?

So I got my suit. Sadly I'm wearing it with an old shirt because apparently Macy's doesn't think it worthwhile to carry shells to go with its suits. Seriously, could someone just make a plain scoop-necked shirt? Why is that so hard?

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Amazon Alanna said...

Yay for you! Personally, I hate, hate, hate shopping and if I had a teeny, tiny amount of time to find one I would fall apart...I'm not even kidding a little bit here.