Wednesday, April 07, 2010

90 Degrees!

It's 90-freaking-degrees!

In Providence!

Rhode Island!

Last week we were being flooded and this week the National Weather Service has a fire warning out because the winds are high, the temperature is high and the humidity is low.

Please. I grew up in Arizona. We laugh at your 90 degrees and 30% humidity.

I went out for a walk on my lunch hour and it was fantastic. Until I got hot and sweaty. And realized my building's AC isn't on yet. Well, the walk was still nice.

I also swam this morning for a half hour and felt like a total lane nazi when a girl asked to circle swim and I said no. But see, I was in the slow lane because it was the only one available when I came in and was consistently swimming 3 times faster than the other lady in the lane. And I've seen the girl who wanted to get in and know that she and I swim at about the same pace. So the two of us would have had to repeatedly slow waaaay down and try to pass the other woman pretty much every lap. I pointed that out to her and she said, "Yeah..." and looked disappointed. Also, I was almost done, so I knew she'd be able to get in soon. But I still felt mean.

Although, there were 2 other lanes with only 2 people in them, all of whom were swimming at paces closer than me and the lady in my lane. So I guess I don't feel too mean.

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Deborah said...

Hooray for swimming and for the walk!