Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Food Food and More Food

I'm continuing with my lowish carb lifestyle - at least during the week. This past weekend we went to Texas Roadhouse on Saturday with a couple of good friends and I had to have a couple of their rolls. Because their key ingredient is crack, basically.

Saturday night I made banana bread for the girls at church and left a couple of pieces for Jason and I to enjoy. I have determined that this is the best way to make baked goods: give most of it away. Then I still get some, but not so much that I wind up with a sugar buzz. Also, I used half whole wheat flour and halved the sugar in the bread recipe and it was perfectly fine. Bananas are sweet, yo.

FYI, with this whole heavy on the protein thing, I'm getting tired of eggs. Does anyone have any good protein-based breakfast ideas that don't involve eggs? I don't think they exist. It's eggs or Lucky Charms - those are our choices in America. I am a big fan of Greek yogurt too, the only problem is, I can't just eat plain yogurt (because I don't like it) and all of the yogurt additions (honey, strawberries), up the carbs. Not that I'm not eating the yogurt with the honey and the strawberries, I'm just making an observation.

The Food Journal
I've blogged almost all of the September weekdays so far and I must say, there isn't much I've been ashamed to put in here. Honestly, I think overall, I eat pretty healthy. Go me.

Monday, September 21
Breakfast: Scrambled eggs with 2 eggs, 2 egg whites and .5 oz feta; non-fat Chobani with honey.
Lunch: 1/2 baked skinless chicken breast; salad with romaine, feta, bacon and lite olive oil vinaigrette.
Snack: 5 bacon-wrapped scallops (went to a work thing at 4 PM at a country club where they had bacon-wrapped scallops, which I ADORE); handful of potato chips.
Dinner: Salmon; roasted broccoli and cauliflower.
Evening snack: Sugar-free chocolate fudge and cheesecake puddings, mixed with a bit of whipped cream to make chocolate cheesecake mousse. Love. I understand pudding is not a whole food. Whatever, it's awesome.

Tuesday, September 22
Pre-Workout Snack: 1 Cabot cheddar low-fat snack pack.
Breakfast: Scrambled eggs with 2 eggs, 2 egg whites and .5 oz feta; smoothie with strawberries, blueberries, almond milk and whey protein.
Lunch: Mexican salad of black beans, chicken, cheddar, sour cream, salsa and lettuce.
Snack: 2 slices colby jack cheese; 1 oz almonds.
Dinner: Pan-fried hamburger patty (left over from Sunday's BBQ); stir fried sweet onion and zucchini.
Evening snack: Sugar-free chocolate fudge and cheesecake puddings, mixed with a bit of whipped cream.
Workout: Swim 72 laps.

Wednesday, September 22
Pre-Workout Snack: 1/2 oz of almonds (I think it's time to throw that bag of almonds away. I'm pretty sure I had a rancid one and my stomach has been a little squiffy ever since)
Breakfast: Scrambled eggs with 2 eggs, 2 egg whites and .5 oz feta (can you see why I'm getting sick of the eggs?); smoothie of strawberries, pineapple, almond milk and whey protein.
Lunch: Baked skinless chicken (2 thighs, 1 leg); salad with romaine, cheddar, tomato and Italian dressing.
Snack: 1 oz almonds (from a different bag); maybe some Madagascar Vanilla Red tea.
Dinner: Probably Boston Market because we have coupons and I feel lazy. I just discovered the brisket has only 280 mg of sodium, which is about a quarter of the sodium content of pretty much everything else at Boston Market. Maybe it was a typo.
Evening snack: Probably the pudding thing again.
Workout: 30 min on elliptical; strength exercises at home (crunches, push-ups, squats, bicep curls, etc.)


Andrea@WellnessNotes said...

Sounds like the lowish carb lifestyle is working pretty well for you. I think giving a lot of baked goods away is a great idea. I always take stuff to work and leave it in the kitchen... ;)

I don't eat a very high protein breakfast anymore, but I used to eat tons of Greek yogurt. I actually like it plain okay, but I know you don't. How about adding flax seeds, would that help? To me they add just enough of a nutty flavor. This may be a weird suggestion for breakfast, but how about a savory Greek yogurt dip with veggies? I love to add a bit of salt, pepper, herbs & lemon juice to the yogurt and dip veggies in it. Again, this may be more of a snack, but I eat weird things for breakfast...

Thank you so much for your great comment on my "Why do you blog?" post. I'll email you later this week...

City Girl said...

Before I ended up on my restricted diet, i was big on eggs in the morning. And I never got sick of them, so finding alternatives on my restricted diet was hard (eggs and dairy are verymuch off limits - turns out i might be allergic to both). But there are other protein options. My doctor encouraged me to have hummus or almond butter on my rice flour toast in the morning, but i found that too carby - so i broke out fish options. I steam some salmon from trader joe's, usually on a Sunday night, and then for the next couple of morning, I have cold salmon with vegan cream cheese and 1 cup of spinach on my rice flour toast. Also, if I know I am going to have a particularly long day at work, I have steamed fish and veggies for breakfast. I know it sounds insane, but I make the foil packet (4 oz cod or lemon sole, topped with 1/2 cup of jarred salsa, and 2 cups of baby spinach, in a foil packet. Takes 20-25 minutes at 400) and pop it in the oven before getting into the shower, and then pull it out and let it carryover cook another 5-10 minutes. I know it sounds weird, but it provides the same satiety for me as eggs. Oh, and I sometime top with a teaspoon olive oil and some salt to give it extra flavor.

oh - and for your yogurt - could you sub agave for the honey?

Something I have been wanting to try for breakfast is crustless tofu quiches. Unfortunately I am having issues with soy and until I get tested for food allergies am not going to eat too much of it.

Hope these ideas help :)