Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Wednesday 8/23

Breakfast: Sliced banana on 1 Cup of Kashi with 1 Cup skim milk

Snack: 90 calories worth of FF Pringles

Lunch: Leftover calamari in tomato and garlic and seafood salad appetizers, 2 rolls. Afterwards I felt a little sick to my stomach, proving that yes, you can have too much calamari.

Snack: Robek's Cranberry Quest smoothie with no sherbet (cranberry juice, blueberries, strawberries and FF frozen yogurt). Then later a 1/2 Cup skim milk*

Dinner: I'm meeting a friend at Chipotle and will be getting a Burrito Bol. I plan to get either steak or barbacoa, a smidge of rice, lettuce, a smidge of cheese, corn salsa, tomato salsa, green chile salsa, and a smidge of guacamole. Sounds good, no?

UPDATE: I wound up getting a salad, which was even better than the Bol because no rice and it was really yummy.

* What's up with the milk all the time, you ask? Well, according to all those dairy commercials, it's good for my tummy pudge. However, I'm not just a pawn in the marketing directors' plans. I really, really like milk. Also, I went to CVS to buy milk on Monday before they got their weekly delivery and all they had left were gallons. So I now have a gallon of mlk in the office fridge that has to be finished by Tuesday, per the expiration date.

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