Wednesday, August 16, 2006


Have I told you about the Fruit Guy? A few days a week a man with a table piled high with fruit comes and sets up shop outside of my office building. His prices are decent and the fruit is fresh and yummy all the time. I love coming into work and seeing him. I know I'll have good, fresh fruit for a couple of days at least. Ward off the scurvy and all.

This past weekend I ate crap most of the time. Friday I went to a wedding and had cake of course. Monday my boyfriend and I celebrated our one-year anniversary by going out for Korean food. Then we got low-fat frozen yogurt at this great little restaurant in Cambridge, although I think I negated the whole low-fat aspect when I requested mint chocolate with Oreos to be mixed in. Saturday and Sunday were just kind of losses as we grabbed whatever while we ran errands and such.

However, I'd like to point out that I spent about 6 or 7 hours cleaning Jason's new apartment on Monday. I'm actually still a little sore from that. He just got a large 2-bedroom and it's great, but when he took me there on Saturday I noted that it was filthy. Black gunk on the window panes filthy. So I volunteered to clean it on Monday when he would be at work. My motivations in this were twofold. For one, I can't be there when he moves from Boston to Providence in 2 weeks and I feel bad that I can't help with the move, so this is my way of helping. Two, since he's so busy I have a sneaking suspicion that the move in would have consisted of him just moving in on top of the filth. As someone who will be frequenting that apartment, I couldn't handle that thought because I am my mother's daughter and my mother is a hygiene freak.

So I cleaned. I don't know who the people are who lived there before, although based on the amount of long hair, I'm guessing they were girls, but I don't think they cleaned. Ever. I found Christmas tree needles all over the living room. Plus, I think one of them had a down comforter that exploded at some point because there were little feathers floating throughout all the rooms.

I didn't get to do everything I wanted, like totally wipe out all the kitchen cabinets and take off the grates and hose them down, but I did make it clean. The window panes are white again, as are the bathroom tiles. It just makes me feel more calm to be in there now that it's clean.

Of course, I do realize it will be mucked up again during the move in and consequent living, but I'm trying to encourage Jason to clean more regularly. For instance I bought some Soft Scrub and he was all indignant because he had some in Boston that he had told me to bring down. I pointed out that it didn't really matter since if he cleaned regularly, he would eventually use ALL the Soft Scrub. It's amazing how that works. He looked skeptical.

Sigh. I have to work on the whole "regular cleaning" idea with him.

I also need to work on the healthy eating thing with him because we eat crap when we're together. I KNOW how to eat healthy, it's just easier not to. We've both gained weight since we started dating. I'm hoping that his new place with more space where the kitchen stuff isn't all piled on top of itself will inspire me to cook more when we're together.

Plus, there's a Farmer's Market down the street from him every Saturday morning, I guess until it gets too cold. So we'll be able to get good vegetables and fruit.


Regina said...

Ah yes, gaining weight while dating someone. I put on several pounds over the winter while beginning my first relationship in five years. I struggled to get them back off during the spring/early summer and succeeded. But what do you know? Those pounds are creeping back on and the summer isn't even over yet. It really never stops. Either we will both have to change our eating habits or I'll have to learn how to eat well even in the face of his indulgences. Or I give in to the blobitude (which I refuse to do).

Kelly said...

Yeah, those pounds are insidious. I need to nip this in the bud before the blobitude takes over.