Tuesday, August 01, 2006


I'm going to try this whole accountability thing and see what I get:

Breakfast: Bagel and cream cheese. Full fat cream cheese because they had no low fat/fat free, but I did not use the whole packet.
Snack: Chips on the plane (I just got back from Boston this morning). Not healthy, although there were some pretzels involved. Pretzels can be healthy, right?
Lunch: Hodge podge mix from upstairs, consisting mostly of stri-fried shrimp and broccoli and a couple itty slices of corned beef.
Snack: Half a cup of skim milk. I wasn't really hungry, I just wanted a little something and figured that was relatively safe.
Dinner: 6-inch Subway club on wheat with oil and vinegar, lettuce and pickles, and 6-inch meatball on wheat. They have a whole buy one 6-inch get another for 99 cents after 4 PM. Nice.

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