Thursday, August 24, 2006


What do you all think of supplements like chromium and such for weight loss? Do they do any good? Do they do any harm? I've read a lot of marketing hype, but that's marketing hype.

Whenever I get a Robek's smoothie, I always have them throw in a Trim-bek supplement for good measure, since it's free and all. According to the description, the Trim-bek contains:
Chromium and thermogenic herbs to increase metabolism & burn fat.

What do you think? Just hype?


Regina said...

For what it's worth: I wouldn't rely on supplements to "increase metabolism" etc. because it probably is all hype. But I guess they can't hurt. Except wait, yes they can because natural supplements can be just as potent as man-made stuff and all natural supplements aren't tested and guaranteed safe. I just leave that stuff on the shelf.

Anonymous said...

Chromium Picolinate doesn't really help metabolism. It is touted to work on making the insulin that your body produces work more effectively.

But people taking Ch. Picolinate swear by it. What they failed to realize was that just because they were dieting, they were already decreasing food intake (less sugar and carbs) and they would have lost the weight anyway without the CP.

Here's a link to Vanderbilt University to explain what it does and doesn't do:

Lately, the biggest "weight loss" supplement blasted all over the internet is "Hoodia." But in doing research for THAT supplement, I found that there isn't enough of this natural supplement in an average daily dose to do anything significant. And, that the reason the Bushman benefited from it was because they ate the hoodia straight from the plant ... it wasn't remanufactured, it was pure Hoodia.
There is nothing on the market today that is pure Hoodia.

Some supplements work for some things, don't get me wrong. But for metabolism, not yet. It's mostly hype.

Kelly said...

Regina, talking of unregulated, it's interesting how the US differs from other countries on this. Like the FDA hasn't approved St. John's Wort for mood enhancement, but in European countries, people recognize that it works and use it for depression like we use prescription drugs here. I wonder if the non-regulation of supplements has anything to do with the pharmaceutical industry wanting to have the only reputable product? Just a conspiracy theory. :)

Matrishka, I've heard of Hoodia but since the majority of the ways I've heard of it was through lots of spam mail, I didn't take it seriously. That's interesting about the Bushman eating it straight from the plant. Maybe I should get a Hoodia plant.