Wednesday, August 30, 2006


Just got back to work from the gym. Since I'm working insanely long hours (15.5 both Monday and Tuesday. Go me!) I've been going to the gym in the middle of the day for the last couple of days. I like going during the day because it gives me a nice break just when I think I'm going to fall over asleep with the afternoon lull.

I come back all fired up, usually with a fruit smoothie. I tend to get migraines sometimes if I work out vigorously and don't eat something right after. I learned last summer that fruit smoothies work great to keep my energy up and stave off the headaches. My dad and my grandpa both have type 2 diabetes and my blood sugar is a little wonky at times so I'll probably get it too (medically I'm like that side of the family - we all also had slight asthma as teenagers and are allergic to penicillin). I would like to put off the diabetes as long as possible. My thin grandpa was about 70 when he got it, whereas my overweight and sedentary dad was about 50. That's good motivation to get down to fighting weight and keep up my exercising.

How do you all keep your energy up when you have to do something boring and/or sedentary after you've gotten your endorphins flowing during a workout? Right now I feel great, but I know in a half hour or so I'm going to start coming down. I still have 4 1/2 hours of work to go and I need to keep that energy flowing.


metamorphose said...

I bet your new peddler will keep you going! That sucks though

Kimberly said...

I've been working a lot too and although I don't work out, per se, I take small energy-boosting snacks to work in plastic baggies to keep me going all day. Almonds are good, raisins, light yogurt, etc.

nads2020 said...

for me, i have to be careful of my diet. i am not that healthy and it sounds obsessive, but if i eat many carbs during the day i get tired.

Anonymous said...

So, I just read that coffee has been proven to lower your chances of developing diabetes as an adult. And, before you go all LDS on me, it's true for decaf, too... the antioxidant properties of coffee aren't related to the caffeine.
there you have it.