Friday, June 07, 2013


I think I may need to modify some of the workouts for this June Challenge if I'm going to get through running a mile every week and still be able to walk when I'm not working out.  I did Workout #2 last night, which included 5 rounds of 20 knee highs and 10 tuck jumps (among other things).  First of all, tuck jumps.  Check out this guy.

Yeah, I'm not that bouncy.

But that wasn't even the main problem.  As soon as I started that first round of knee highs, my shins started hurting.  I did a few tuck jumps and realized that my legs were not up to this.  So instead of tuck jumps, I added a bunch more air squats to the 5 rounds of those we were supposed to do.  I did do all of the knee highs because I figured those had a little less impact, but now I'm not so sure.  I limped around all last night and today my shins hurt pretty bad.

I'm going to write the organizer and let her know that I'm just going to modify things a bit.  When there's something high-impact, I'm going to switch it to something lower-impact, but still difficult.  Hopefully she'll still count my points.

Maybe eventually I'll be able to do the more high-impact stuff, but I figure I need to let my shins heal first, right?

The good news is, Workouts 3 and 4 for the week look to be pretty low impact and focused more on arms and abs.  No problem.  Well, not no problem - the workouts will still be tough.  But I'm not so concerned about injury with those.

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