Friday, June 14, 2013

And Now I Need A Nap

I knew that today would be a non-Challenge-compliant food day because I had to catch the early train to Boston for a meeting, and I like to get a scone at the train station cafe because eggs are smelly and not very train friendly.

Today I got an almond croissant, but you get my point.

Then on my way back from Boston I got an Auntie Anne's pretzel at South Station because they're amazing and buttery and I hardly ever have access to delicious giant pretzels in my life anymore.

(When I was in college, I used to get a giant soft pretzel at least 2 days a week with 3 of my fellow English-geek buddies after our Victorian lit class and we would sit in the Tucson sun on the University of Arizona mall and get nice and tan before our next class.  I miss days like that when it's rainy and freaking 60 degrees in the middle of June, Providence!)

Anyway, as I could have predicted, now, an hour and a half later, I feel a little headachey and I really want to curl up in the corner of my office and go to sleep.  But, no, I have a good 5 more hours of work to put in before I can respectably leave on a Friday afternoon.

Sigh.  Might have to go whole hog with this non-compliant day and pop open a Diet Coke.

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