Friday, June 21, 2013

A Little Worn Out - But Strong

This morning I'm feeling a little worn out.  Yesterday I swam 2200 meters (in a long course pool!  Plus, meters are longer than yards so you should be impressed!), then last night I did 2 of  the June Challenge workouts (because I can't do one tonight and I'm running out of time this week), plus the weekly plank challenge, plus the weekly Tabata squat challenge.

I think my main issue is that I need to stop doing these workouts after dinner.  Usually by the time I get home, I'm hungry and I want to make dinner, or I've picked up dinner, and I want to eat.  Then I let my food settle, and THEN I tackle the workouts.  I did this both Wednesday night and last night.  I didn't finish until 9:20 PM last night, and then I was all full of energy and endorphins and didn't feel even a little tired until after 11, which isn't ideal when I want to get up at 6 to go swim.

So both yesterday morning and this morning I was dragging because I didn't get to sleep until late.  Today's workout was very fin heavy, to compensate, but I'm ok with that.

Have I mentioned my legs muscles are really starting to pop?  At least they are to me.  During the St. John race, Jason took a picture of me running into the surf to start my swim.  Although I'm not thrilled with the picture generally (belly rolls and overall bigness, ugh!), I did notice a line down the side of my thigh - the outline of my muscle!  There are strong muscles under this cellulite just waiting to come out.  I'm doing my best to uncover them!

Also, Rebecca and I got to feel a little superior today because the two guys she shared a lane with were absolutely dying.  I have a feeling they are training for a triathlon and this was one of their first times trying to knock out a swim.  Afterwards, I commented to her that I can't really talk since I can't run worth anything.  She said, yeah, but she doesn't think people realize how taxing swimming is, cardiovascularly.  It's true.  I may be heavy, but my resting heart rate is obscenely low.

So strong heart and strong muscles - I suppose I'll take those over being skinny.

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