Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Kickboxing No More

After getting all psyched about kickboxing, and planning to buy a whole mess of classes from the instructor, I've been thwarted. 

So I signed up for his email list several weeks ago so I could stay on top of what was going on at the gym and be aware of any specials he was running.  First of all, he sent out a couple of suspect emails about this nutrition/supplement program that he sells.  I mean, fine, if you find something you like, I guess that's okay, but this was a multi-level marketing scenario, and I'm not going to shell out a bunch of money for bars and shakes and pills, when I personally want to focus on eating whole foods, thanks.

Then we get an email out of the blue last week announcing that as of July 1, he's moving his gym.  Not only is the new gym about twice as far away from me, but he won't have storage for his big punching bags so no more kickboxing.  But he assured us he would still be putting on awesome boot camp classes.

Yeah, no.

I mean, I enjoyed the boot camp/Cross Fit aspect of his classes, but I also liked the 20-30 minutes in the second half of class when we focused on kickboxing.  Because it's just fun to hit and kick a big bag.  Also, it's the boot camp aspect of class that hurt my shins a lot.  Plyometrics are the bane of my existence.

So, I won't be traveling to his new gym.  I might be willing to, if the kickboxing was still going to be a part of it, because overall I did like him, but there's a few strikes against him, and his classes are pretty pricey for me to not get exactly what I want.

Sigh.  Now I need to find a new kickboxing class.

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