Thursday, June 13, 2013

June Challenge: Tied for Second Place!

For a couple of hours this morning, I thought I was tied for first place in the June Challenge, but then my friend Deborah (the one who roped me into the challenge) re-sent her scores in because they got lost somehow and she leaped to the front of the pack.

Still, though, second!  Pretty pleased with that.  I'm on a good course for this week to get at least the same number of points as last week.  I've done two of the workouts, a couple of the challenges, and met my run/walk goal by swimming 3 miles already.  I'm planning to swim Saturday and do mile run #2 (bleh).  I've been taking it easy on my shins and they're feeling a lot better, so here's hoping the run doesn't kill them again.

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