Thursday, June 20, 2013

June Challenge Week 2: 2nd Place!

The Week 2 results came out yesterday and I'm still in 2nd place with a total of 29 points!  Deborah has shot ahead in 1st place with 32 points.  3rd place is only one point behind me so I need to be diligent this week.

I was aiming for 7 days of on-track eating this week, but Starbucks foiled my plans this morning.  I've started going straight to work from the gym, which makes cooking eggs for breakfast kind of tough.  So I've opted for Starbucks Greek yogurt.  I toss their granola and mix in my own blend of a variety of sunflower seeds, chia seeds, craisins and unsweetened coconut.  It's not ideal, but it gets me some protein and isn't too high on the carbs.

This morning they were out of Greek yogurt.  So my options were the regular high-sugar yogurt with berries; sausage, egg and cheese breakfast sandwich; or a pastry of some sort.  The sandwich seemed like the best option, since at least I would get some protein.  I'm fully expecting a carb crash in an hour or so.

The challenge organizer sent an email yesterday asking if anyone is interested in a July challenge and if anyone has suggestions.

While I used to be the sit back and let other people make suggestions and nod in agreement type of person, I've noticed lately that I'm all about giving suggestions.  For instance, my firm is redoing its website and has hired fancy designers and I'm pretty sure that they are very sick of my suggested tweaks.  They don't necessarily take my suggestions, but I always have 3 or 4 to make.

Anyway, my point is, of course I had suggestions!

First of all, I suggested adding a steps element to the challenge - 1 point for every day we get over 10,000 steps.  This is a self-serving suggestion since I'm also  thinking about joining a Fitbit step challenge next week that runs through July, so I could knock out the requirements for 2 separate challenges by walking 10,000 steps per day.

Second, I suggested that instead of a mandatory mile run every week, we be able to do comparable activity in another sport.  For instance, I could swim a 450 for time, with a goal of improving that time every week.  This isn't just about the fact that I don't like to run, although that's part of it.  But honestly a big reason why I don't like to run is because I hurt myself every single time.  I ran/walked my mile on Saturday, and then Sunday I did a bunch of jumping jacks for one of the workouts, and here it is Thursday and I'm still limping around.  My shins hurt.  They were just starting to feel better before the run last Saturday, and as soon as I started running (not walking.  Walking is fine.), the pain shot through my legs with every step.

Yesterday, not even kidding, I almost fell down the stairs because my left leg wanted to give out.  I had to grab the railing and steady myself.

So, yeah, I know I've whined about this on here many times before, but I'm just going to say it again: I'm not built to be a runner.

I told the organizer that I would be willing to forego any chance at a point for the best time for the mile run for the first week (since it's obvious I'm not winning that point anyway!) if I can swim instead of run.  We'll see what she decides to do.

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