Wednesday, June 05, 2013

Challenge Progress

I'm right in the thick of a working out extravaganza, and it feels pretty darn good.  Monday morning I swam.  Last night I did my timed 1-mile run for the June Challenge and did the first workout (burpees, planks, sit ups, etc.).  This morning I swam and at lunch I went for a walk up the big hill to Brown campus to run some errands.

First, about that run.  I should really say "run".  It was more a walk with spurts of jogging.  I am SO not a runner.  When I told Rebecca (aka, swim buddy and fellow Quahog) about it at the pool this morning she suggested that running a mile isn't necessarily indicative of fitness, or at least my fitness.  Maybe it should be some sort of challenge related to your particular sport, with the goal to show improvement over the course of the month.  We're not being ranked or given points based on how fast we run the mile, only on our percentage of improvement over the next 4 weeks.

So I've been thinking about that.  For instance, if a quarter mile of swimming equals a mile of running in this Challenge, then I should be able to time myself swimming a quarter mile (let's call that a 450), with the goal of improving that time over the 4 weeks.  I can still report a percentage of improvement, it will just be for swimming, rather than running.  I have flat feet, weak ankles, and a family history of terrible knees and arthritis.  I injure myself every time I try Couch to 5K.  I don't think running is in my cards.

Maybe if the Challenge organizer decides to do something similar for July, I'll make that suggestion.  But for now, I run.  Or walk.  Whatever. 

After the "run", I came home and did Challenge Workout 1, which was tough!  Kudos to the organizer for finding us some hard workouts. 

This morning's swim was a fun workout using ALL the toys.  Basically, we swam 2600 yards total, with 2100 of those yards using fins.  That on top of yesterday's run means my legs and glutes are yelling at me. And then I walked up (and down) a big hill at lunch.  My legs are tired, is what I'm saying.

I have 3 more workouts to do this week for the Challenge, plus some push-up, squat and plank challenges. This Challenge is definitely getting me to think about when to schedule in my workouts and I feel so focused.  Love it!

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