Sunday, June 02, 2013

Active Vacation

Well we're back home and, frankly, kind of depressed about it.  Oh well.  I guess real life has to go on.  The good news is, we're so used to hot and muggy weather that this mild heat wave Rhode Island is having feels like no big deal.

Trips like this last week really make me think that I should have thought long and hard about becoming a lawyer and being chained to a desk for most of my day. We swam and snorkeled a lot and without even trying I lost 3/4 inch off my waist and almost the same amount off my hips, not to mention decreases in my thighs and calves.  I unofficially measured myself just to see if there was any change, and sure enough.

And it's not like I was watching my diet.  There were many, many smoothies and fruity drinks this past week and brownies and big ole burgers.

It's just so easy when the weather is beautiful and there's an ocean beckoning.  On Friday we hung out at the beach and I went for a half hour swim, just because.  A half hour swim at the Y feels good, but is also kind of a chore.  A half hour swim in the ocean is no biggie, just a nice way to kill some time.

Now it's back to real life and making a point of being healthy again.  I've joined a June challenge that a friend of mine is also doing, and I'm going to swim laps tomorrow morning.  Just not in the ocean.  Sadly.

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Tenacious-K said...

Welcome back to a tanner, stronger, more healthy you in mind and body!

Love the pics, although the movie doesn't play - says something about being a private file. Oh, well.

Go, Quahogs, Go!!