Thursday, September 04, 2008


Today I discovered that the relatively decent* Mexican place down the street with the giant burritos sells something called the "Belly". The Belly is just the burrito innards.

So I got black beans, carnitas, a touch of sour cream, mild and medium salsas, and a bunch of lettuce. I asked for extra lettuce. Not too bad, although I know it's rolling in sodium. And yes, I am aware carnitas is not the most healthful choice, but it's yummy.

I'm still off my healthy eating and exercising game. I went kayaking on Monday and jumped around in some pretty big waves in the ocean so that's something. My shoulders are still a little tender from the paddling. I planned to not waste all that exertion and actually go swimming this week so that this week would be a productive exercising week, but it hasn't happened. Seriously, why is it so hard to start back up with the exercising even when I know I'm still 20 pounds from my goal and I know how good endorphins feel and I know how awesome it is to be fitting into the smaller sizes and I don't want to gain back the 15 pounds and several inches I've lost this year? I have no logical explanation besides I'm lazy and I like ice cream.

However, Jason leaves Saturday and I am putting my South Beach Diet Phase 1 plan into play. I've already downloaded a bunch of amazing-sounding recipes (good things come from combining vegetables and cheese) and I'll be grocery shopping Saturday afternoon for the SBD P1 start on Sunday.

* Having grown up 45 minutes from the border, I will never be fully satisfied by New England Mexican food.


Sassy said...

When I started SB I lost 13 pounds in the first phase, just fyi I guess, so you know it works. :-)
But of course I couldn't eat that way for long, cause I really don't like meat that much, and when I went back to my "normal" eating habits, I gained back eventually.
Oh, and "mexican"food anywhere that is not close to Mexico? Really kinda sucks, huh?

Kelly said...

Yeah, I'm doing this more for a purge the simple carbs from my system effect. From other similar things I've done before I know the weight pops back on if you don't keep eating a certain way, but my goal is to get back into my healthy eating and exercising groove.

I got decent Mexican food in Chicago - but that's only because there are actually a lot of Mexican people there. New England is horrible for Mexican food.

Amazon Alanna said...

Good luck with the SB!

Mmmmm...taco bellies....