Monday, August 25, 2008

I'm Off My Game

There are all these health-related articles out there that tell you it takes a few weeks to build up a healthy habit. For instance, it took a few weeks for me to not feel like I was going to die when I had to peel myself out of bed in the morning to go to the pool and swim 80 to 100 laps. I started to miss the endorphins when I didn't make it to the pool.

What they don't tell you is it takes about a day and a half to totally forget why you ever wanted to do that healthy habit in the first place. I mean, I remember. Of course I remember. I remembered when I tried on two of my favorite dresses this weekend only to relegate them to the give-away pile because they hung on me like very pretty potato sacks. I remembered when I put together my food for the day this morning before I left for work and made an attempt to maximize my protein. But it's been nearly impossible to get to the gym. I blame the Olympics. I did swim twice last week, but that's not nearly enough.

I know that healthy eating without exercise will only get me so far, and frankly, I haven't been eating ALL that healthy. Marginally healthy. Healthy in a way that gives a nod to the things that I know I need to do, but doesn't embrace and love and caress them.

This week the pool is closed for cleaning and so I figured I could alternate days and do some HIIT elliptical 3 days and pilates the other 3 days and be good to go. Could I get out of bed this morning? The answer would be no.

However, I did pack sneakers and some workout clothes and I'm going to walk the couple of miles home from work tonight. So that's something at least. Maybe if Jason and his brother aren't back from Newport yet when I get home, I'll throw in a pilates DVD. Also, we went kayaking on Saturday and my shoulders are sore. Let's hear it for working muscles you forgot about.

Anyway, I bought and read the South Beach Diet book a few weeks ago and feel like the principles in it make a lot of sense. I think I'll try out Phase 1, if only to get the bad carbs out of my body for a couple of weeks and maybe make me not crave them so much. The good thing is, Jason is going out of town for a couple of weeks this month. Even though I'll miss him a lot, it's a perfect time for me to do a two-week food plan. I also plan to purge our home of the simple carbs that he either bought or we inherited from people trying to clean out their pantries and which Jason snapped up because he can't stand to see anything go to waste. I have no problem with tossing stuff in the garbage, I just have to do it while he's not watching or he will fish it out. Sort of like George Costanza.

So come September 7, I will be all about the protein and veggies. One thing I like about SBD versus the detox I have done in the past is that I can eat beans, which I really like and know are a great way to get protein and fiber. One thing I do not like about SBD is the limited amount of fruit. Once I get out of Phase 1 I will probably allow myself more fruit than SBD calls for, because, hi, it's fruit. Fruit is a good thing. AND it's apple-picking season soon. Apples are my favorite, especially right off the tree, and I will be eating apples every day for awhile and loving them.

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