Tuesday, September 16, 2008


I'm going to start posting my weight again, now that I'm getting back in the saddle and the game and any other metaphor you can think of to equal I'm exercising and eating well again.

180.4. The exact same as yesterday. And only .5 away from being back in the elusive 170's. Just so we're all on the same page, my goal is 155-160. I used to say a solid 160, but now I think some wiggle room would be nice, so I'm shooting for 155. Once I get back into the 170's, I will be dealing with some firmly entrenched flab. I'm trying to be realistic with my goals.

80 laps this morning, so go me. I was doing this alternating pull/kick series, but got bored with the kicking so I started alternating pulling* and swimming. Maybe if I had music it would keep me entertained while I'm kicking. I lust after the SwiMP3.

I've been working on alternate-side breathing. I always breathe on my right, but over the past few years my right shoulder has become a little touchy, and breathing on the right too much seems to aggravate it. When my shoulder is really sore, the pain eventually crawls up my neck and into my head and I wind up with a migraine. No good. So I'm working on breathing on the left.

Speaking of breathing, a few months ago one of the lifeguards critiqued my breathing. I tend to breathe in a 4-2-2 pattern when I'm doing freestyle and he asked me if I realized that. I said I did, and he said I might want to try alternating sides (which I do, he just missed that part of my workout) or not breathe so often. Well, when I was watching the Olympics I noted that many Olympic swimmers breathe every 2 strokes. I'm just sayin'.

* For those not up on their swim lingo, pulling is when you stick a pair of pull buoys between your legs to keep your legs floating and just focus on your stroke. I also use paddles for more resistance.

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