Friday, September 19, 2008

Babying the Muscles

I'm trying to ease back into the swimming thing to avoid hurting my shoulder or arm or any other body part like I did last time I started up swimming. So I swam Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and then I'm going tomorrow morning.

This morning I did Pilates and I can already tell I am going to be sore tomorrow. I'm kind of miffed because the whole point of the DVD I bought is that you can customize your workout by picking from 4 10-minute workouts plus a 10-minute stretching session. However, my DVD has stopped working. I go and select a series of workouts then hit Play and this screen pops up that says, Congratulations, you have completed your workout. Um, no actually, I haven't. I can still play each session individually, it's just a bummer that one of the fun features of this particular DVD doesn't work anymore.

I own a couple of different Pilates DVD's, but I find I get kind of bored with them. After you've heard the instructor's banter 10 or 11 times, it gets kind of old. I used to Tivo Denise Austin workouts on Lifetime (because I'm 62 apparently) and that worked well because every day there was a new workout. Maybe I would do better in a Pilates class, although I'm sort of scared that a real life instructor would tell me how I'm doing everything wrong.

Holding steady at 179.6 today.

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