Sunday, September 21, 2008

It Hurts to Sneeze

I swam 110 laps today in an hour. Even though it doesn't seem like my lap times are getting faster, I must be waiting for shorter spans of time in between sets or something because I used to only do 100 laps in an hour.

On my first flipturn I realized my abs were SORE from the Pilates yesterday. After a few laps, I stretched out the muscles and wasn't hurting anymore. But when I got home and sat still for a little bit, I was very aware of my abs and how sore they could be. I still am as I sit here trying not to breathe in too deeply. And, as I discovered while doing some cleaning today, it really does hurt to sneeze. Good excuse not to do anything crazy like cleaning, which would only stir up more dust.

Steady at 179.6.

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