Tuesday, September 09, 2008

SBD Day 3

Down another 2.2 pounds this morning, which makes the total 3.8 in 2 days. Kind of cool just to see the numbers go down, although I'm still a bit higher than I was in July.

I don't know what is up with me and my swimming mental block. This morning I couldn't get to the pool and I place the blame squarely on the cat who was curled up next to me and purring. It has been a long time since he's slept with us because it's been hot, but now that the nights are a little cooler, he's back and it's so cozy. I did get up a little later and do 45 minutes of Pilates. I also brought clothes to change into so I could walk home from work, but we're apparently having a monsoon right now in Rhode Island so I don't know if that will happen. I'm sure by this evening, the rain will have stopped.

I also cleaned like a madwoman last night and I'll be cleaning more tonight. If you plug in "house cleaning" on any of those sites that tell you how many calories you burn, it's always a surprisingly high number. I was totally breaking a sweat so that should count for something.

For breakfast this morning I had 1/2 C. cottage cheese and 2 egg muffins. Egg muffins are eggs, turkey bacon, cheese, zucchini and mushrooms all baked together in muffin cups. I made 12 on Sunday. Then I accidentally left 2 of them on the kitchen counter instead of bringing them to work yesterday and Tiny devoured them while I was gone. In a house of hardwood floors he always seems to make his way to the rug-covered parts before he makes a complete mess. Thanks, Tiny. So helpful.

I just ate my lunch of chicken breasts, homemade tomato sauce, 1/4 C. ricotta, and a sprinkling of parmesan, plus a 1/2 C. of chopped radishes. I always forget how much I like radishes, but their spiciness really appeals to me.

Tonight for dinner I'll probably have salmon and some sort of veggie stir-fry. I'm not really missing the carbs much.


Amazon Alanna said...

Egg muffins? Genius, I say!

Good to see your numbers going down. Good work, Kelly. :)

Kelly said...

Alanna, I can't take credit for it actually. I got the egg muffin recipe from Kalyn's Kitchen. I also thought, "Genius!"