Friday, September 26, 2008

The Scale Hates Me and the Feeling is Mutual

So I know we're not supposed to weigh ourselves every day, but what if my weekly weigh-in day is my high for the week? I would never know if I was lower at some other point during the week.

However, the frustrations continue. I think I have this all figured out and then something comes along to tell me, yeah, not really.

Wednesday: 178.2
Thursday: 179 (after fulling expecting to be back in 177 territory as I stepped on the scale)
Friday: 179.6 (okay, this is just irritating)

I'm going to chalk it up to my lack of exercise this week. I swam Monday and then nothing until this morning, although, as you'll see from my post yesterday, I fully planned to go yesterday, it just didn't work out. I'm going tomorrow too.

Anyway, scales and weight and the associated nonsense are all on my crap list today.


Anonymous said...

hey, i randomly saw your blog and my friend and i started SB, we are almost done with week 2 and I don't feel like I have been losing much at all. But I haven't faltered so I am feeling okay. The best thing I think is, that I actually feel pretty good and am not always tired. Well, just wanted to let ya know you are not alone with losing weight. HAHA. I see that your profile says Massachusetts..which part...that's where I am from. :)

Kim said...

The scale is a bitch - no two ways about it. Believe me, I feel your pain sister!! :(

Kelly said...

Amber, hi. Yeah one thing I like about eating well is how I don't have the highs and lows like I do when I eat sugar. I actually live in Providence, RI, but I used to live in Cambridge.

Kim, yeah it's a drag. I went back down to 178.2 and then back up to 178.6. Just let me get to 177 again!