Thursday, March 27, 2008


Did you know that the Au Bon Pain roast beef has less sodium and cholesterol than their "all natural" chicken breast. Roast beef: 300 mg sodium, 55 mg cholesterol. Chicken breast: 440 mg sodium, 70 mg cholesterol. That's my new fun fact for the day, which influenced my decision to get a roast beef sandwich for lunch.

Which I ate with my new favorite lunch side - an entire cucumber chopped and mixed with 1/8 cup feta and 1 tablespoon of 365 (the Whole Foods brand) balsamic vinaigrette. I've been all about the cucumbers lately.

I am also all about calorie cycling again. I did it for a bit last year and while I'm not sure if it helped with the 22 pound loss, I will try most anything to get off this stinkin' plateau. I think one of my problems may be I wasn't eating enough. I went to the calorie cycling site and put in my stats and clicked "7-day calorie cycling". Lo and behold, my minimum should be 1512 calories. Considering I've been eating like my minimum was 1250, I think my body may be just holding on to all of those calories.

Now to the post subject. On Monday I had some Ann Taylor Loft coupons to use so I went to the mall. And bought my first pair of regular-size, regular store (ie, not Lane Bryant) pants in, oh, I don't know, SEVEN YEARS! I've been buying regular skirts for ages, but because of how I'm proportioned I've always had an insanely difficult time finding pants that fit me correctly. Even when I was a size 7. At least being bigger has allowed me to shop at LB where some of their pants are styled for women with the ample hips and the small waist.

I have bought Ann Taylor Loft pants in their highest size once before, but this time was different because it wasn't the biggest size in the store. I guess even though the scale isn't moving, SOMEthing positive is happening and I'm getting a little more toned. Good news.

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Amazon Alanna said...

I love it when I can go and buy pants in a new smaller size...especially in a store know for runnning small or what CONGRATS!

Your new cuke side dish has got me thinking about the farmers market in my town that will be opening up in April...