Saturday, March 29, 2008


2 detox notes.

Detox Note #1:
As of Friday, I have gone 25 days without a soda. More specifically, that's 25 days without a Diet Coke with Lime. I used to drink 2 cans a day usually, and I would praise my beloved DCL to the skies as the best and my favorite and so much better than regular Diet Coke. I don't know if I've ever gone this long without a diet soda. Other times when I've detoxed, I've just done it for a week or so and then started up again, or made a deal with myself that I wouldn't drink soda during the week, but the weekend was a free for all.

Friday afternoon I decided to give myself a little treat and popped open a can of DCL, poured it over some sparkling ice cubes, and took a sip.

Um, I don't know if you know this, but Diet Coke (with or without lime) is disgusting! So fake tasting. The aftertaste was just foul.

So on the one hand, I'm kind of glad that I think it's gross because now I won't really be tempted and will spare myself that particular cup of chemicals and carcinogens. However, I now no longer have a bubbly, calorie-free treat to give myself every so often. Sigh.

Detox Note #2:
I'm doing a detox with a girl at work. It's the same one I did last year. The whole thing didn't thrill me last year, but I figured it might be good to kickstart my system. I've been on a plateau and I've been feeling all excited about Spring and renewal and doing some sort of body cleansing seemed appropriate. Plus, a friend of mine wanted to do something like this and I figured I've done this particular detox before, might as well do it again.

Basically, there are several categories of foods that you have to get in every day, plus drink lots of water. In reality it's eat all the fruits and vegetables and lean protein you want. You do that for 7 days, and then do a "fast" where you drink a cranberry spice drink* alternating with water for a day, and then you do 3 days of the food plan, with a couple of added things.

The lessons I learned last year will hopefully get me through until the end. The number one lesson is that I need a LOT of food to be full. Fruits, vegetables and lean protein don't have a lot of calories. Tonight for dinner I had fish and a giant pile of cooked veggies. Then a little while later I had some applesauce and half a chicken breast. I have eaten a big pile of food today, but my total calories for the day are still on the low side.

I already know that I will have to cheat tomorrow night. After spending all day today in detox mode, some friends invited us over for dinner tomorrow and I can pretty much guarantee the meal won't be detox-friendly. I don't want Jason to suffer because I happen to be doing this weird thing for the next 11 days, so we're going over. Maybe they'll have a salad I can fill up on.

* Jason LOVES the cranberry spice drink. He tasted it last year and thought it was great and I have promised him that this time I'll make him his very own pitcher.


Natalie C. said...

Hi Kelly, just stopping in to say hi. I love reading your blog. Your posts are so true to life. I've been thinking about doing a mini detox. Especially occasionally after cheating weekends! Flush that yucky pizza out of my system! Blech!

Kelly said...

Hi Natalie, thanks for the compliments! If you want more info on the detox, I can email you the outline I created as a little guide for myself.