Thursday, June 18, 2009

Plugging Along

This morning I sat down on our hardwood floor to put my shoes on and said "Ow!" My bum is still sore. Go 30-Day Shred! This morning I swam, walked to work, and I'm planning on shredding when I get home*. Actually, I would like to walk home too, but I don't know if the rain will let up enough.**

So my swimming keeps improving and I'm trying to come up with ways to keep challenging my body in the hour I have to swim in the mornings. Instead of doing 8 50's on the minute, I now do 10, and I'm thinking about going to 10 50's on 55 seconds because I'm routinely finishing at about the 47 second mark and I think 13 seconds of rest is letting my heart rate slow down too much. Same goes with the 100's I do on 2:00. I finish at about 1:37 and am twiddling my thumbs. Well, not really. The rests are very nice. But I realize it means I'm not getting the best workout.

If I wasn't so intimidated by the local Masters team, I would join because I think I need a coach structuring my workouts. However, they're posting race times like :23 for a 50 free and that just freaks me right the heck out.

* I really like saying I'm "shredding". It sounds so violent - like I'm really beating up my body. You know, for its own good.
** Seriously, getting amazingly sick of the rain. When I lived in Tucson, rain was an occasional treat. It's been raining and gray for almost 3 weeks straight here and I've had quite enough.


Fat[free]Me said...

Looks like you are doing tons of brilliant exercise there! How groovy that we are the same weight, you will probably be speedidng along when I hit the plateau stage, lol!

keep up the good work, we will get there eventually!

Anonymous said...

Just found your blog...I've heard so much about the Shred...I may have to give it a try!!