Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Bum Week

At the beginning of this week I dutifully plugged all my workout information into SparkPeople. I find that if I've already logged it, I feel motivated to go and do it, rather than go back and delete it all. My plan for this week was swim Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday and shred Tuesday, Thursday and maybe Saturday. Oh I also shredded Sunday morning*.

Well, Monday morning I woke up late and decided since I couldn't get in my swim, at least I could shred. So I did. Monday is also the day Jason came home after being gone for a week and a half. And thus Tuesday and Wednesday mornings found me laying in bed, convincing myself that I had 4 and then 3 whole days of the week left to get in my swims. Because, frankly, I would much rather loll about, half awake, cuddling with my husband and the cat, than pull myself away to go work out.

I can definitely feel that I haven't gotten in my allotted workouts this week. This afternoon I'm feeling more sluggish and I know tomorrow I really need to swim. And also Friday. Aaaaand Saturday.

The husband and the cat are quite hard to pass up, though.

*Although some members of my particular religion might say that breaks the Sabbath, for me, exercising is ultimately relaxing. Anywho...

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