Monday, June 29, 2009

Joints and a New Plan

I think everyone is right that I need to mix up my routine, which I suppose I've known all along, but since swimming is the only thing that doesn't bore me, I've been in denial. So my new plan is to alternate activities. I'll go to the Y and do a half hour of weights and maybe 20 minutes on the elliptical, then the next day I'll have a swim. My goal is to exercise 5 days a week.

Aaaand all that was SUPPOSED to start this morning, but another gray, rainy morning just sapped all willingness to get out of bed out of me. The thing is, I know if I just GET UP and go put my contacts in, I'll be awake and fine and ready to go. It's that initial swinging my legs out of bed that is proving to be difficult.

This past weekend I think I definitely proved that I'm wearing the wrong shoes. I'm fine if I walk 2 miles to work, sit for 8-10 hours, and then walk 2 miles home. But then that 5 minutes of jogging crippled me for days. Then Saturday we had sun (Yay!) and I walked down to a path near my house and just walked for an hour and a half. I probably walked about 5 miles, and I felt great. Then Saturday night, the place where my left leg connects to my hip started aching. Yesterday afternoon I was basically limping around the apartment and it's still a bit achy today.

I've always said that the elliptical is my aerobic machine of choice because it doesn't put stress on my joints. I've ellipticaled many times in these same sneakers and had no problem. And I can walk short distances apparently. But any additional stress and my joints get all messed up. Add to that a history of bad joints on both sides of my family and I'm a little paranoid about rattling my joints too much. So I'm looking forward to hopefully getting some new shoes soon.


Sara said...

Two things -

One - I meant to comment last week, but having a goal other than weight loss always helps me. My newest goal (after I can start working out again in a week or so) is to finish a sprint triathlon (my sister and I signed up for one in UT in Sept). There are a few listed in RI and MA this summer on

Two - I've realized, just walking with the stroller lately, that I need new running shoes too. I want to go somewhere to get nice ones where they watch you walk/jog... I'll let you know if I find a place and we can go get running shoes (hopefully with more success than the curtain outing).

Kelly said...

1) Yeah, I know I should focus on something else. But right now the weight loss is all I've got in the works.

2) I might be able to get new shoes when we're in DC next weekend because my sister-in-law's dad is a running shoe expert. But if we don't get the chance since it will be such a quick trip, you and I should definitely go on a shoe hunt. For real this time, not like that curtain thing. :)

Rachel said...

Hey, I thought of something but maybe you've already tried: stretching your IT band and/or using a foam roller. They are the best and tend to have a HUGE effect on your knees. Though good shoes are really important!! :)

Andrea@WellnessNotes said...

I hope your joints are feeling better! Make sure to get the right shoes soon. I wore the wrong (old, worn-out, not very good in the first place) shoes for too long last year and ended up with a persistent foot injury that took forever to heal...

Your new plan sounds good! :)