Thursday, June 11, 2009

Calories Calories

Yesterday was supposed to be my super high calorie day in the calorie cycle. 2233 calories. Um, that's a lot of food. I missed it by 650 calories. I had some friends over and just never got around to eating any sort of evening snack. Not that I could have covered that much ground in a snack, but I might have gotten a bit closer. So I bumped the high day to Friday, called yesterday a lower day (despite my 2 mile swim in the morning) and am moving forward.

Jason is sure that he has identified my problem with reaching my high calories: I eat too much healthy stuff. Last night he told me I'm never going to get to 2200 calories if I keep eating food like skinless chicken and broccoli. He offered to drive me to Wendy's right that minute so I could get a Frosty. (Tempting!) I tried to explain it's not just quantity, but quality I'm going after.

No swim this morning. The Friday work meeting got canceled so I can swim tomorrow now and I decided to give my body a rest. I did do a half hour of strength exercises this morning. I've decided that the best way to get better at push-ups is to build up my arm strength. So I did 20 modified push-ups first (on my knees, or, if you prefer, "Girl"-style, though my feminist sensibilities say, Do not like.) Then I did 2 sets of 6 real life push-ups. I need to get better at doing these more regularly so I can actually, you know, improve.

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Fat[free]Me said...

Yeah, I have seen men do girl-style, I resent that!

It is rather good that you find eating a lot difficult though, it means you have really changed.