Friday, June 05, 2009

Farm Share Week 1

*Sorry for the cross-posting at my other blog, but I know not everyone reads both*

I signed us up for half a farm share from a local farm. Yesterday afternoon I went and picked up our first week's bounty. The farmer* has a neat set-up. Instead of giving us a box of stuff, we get a certain amount to "spend" in his makeshift veggie store. So yesterday I got a plant and $10 to spend.

Behold:He had all sorts of herb plants and one kind of green pepper and 3 kinds of tomatoes. Since we currently have 10 or so different herbs growing in our house, I opted for a tomato plant, which I will be guerrila gardening at the side of our parking lot. I grew one tomato plant outside last year too since I couldn't find anyone to take it and I didn't want to kill it. It did pretty well and the landlady didn't seem to mind.

I also got a pound of radishes, 2 bags of collard greens and a bag of kale. Collard greens were on last night's menu. This recipe, actually. I had never cooked them before so already I'm branching out.

I'm realizing I will need to supplement a bit from the store. Like, I planned to bake a chicken today and I needed onions for that. So I'll still buy some staples unless Hippie Farmer Man starts bringing the staples to his shop.

* Read, hippie.

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Andrea@WellnessNotes said...

This is exciting! I'm glad that you are already trying new things... :)