Thursday, January 29, 2009


I swam again this morning. Yesterday morning I rolled over after my alarm went off and didn't reset it and woke up an hour later. Then I thought, well maybe we'll have a work snow day since it's so icy and I can go swim anyway. I brought work home just in case. So I waited until the last possible second and finally got in the shower. When I got out, there was an email from my boss about 5 minutes after I got into the shower telling us we had a snow day. Sigh. Time was conspiring against me yesterday.

I went today, though, and swam 60 laps in 35 minutes. I can't believe how easily I get tired and how slow I am, and I haven't hit that point yet where I get a mad endorphin rush afterward, but I know that's coming. I just have to stick with it. So far I've gone swimming twice this week, which is 2 times more than I have in the past few months. And as far as my speed goes, I did consistently lap the guy I was sharing a lane with and almost kept pace with the really skinny girl in the next lane with the waterproof workout flip chart, which I assume indicates she's hardcore. So I've got that going for me.

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