Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Spectacular Finish!

I finished Phase 1 of South Beach by going off of Phase 1 one day early. Jason's parents were in town this weekend and we went out to eat on Saturday at the Cheesecake Factory. I had a salad and wanted some cheesecake. Actually, it was my first meal of the day at 4 PM so I didn't feel too bad about that. We just hemmed and hawed about what to do until finally it was early afternoon and none of us were showered and dressed, but we were hungry!

I got the Tiramisu cheesecake and ate a little less than half of it. Let me tell you, my head was buzzing. Literally. I felt kind of loopy and could hear this high-pitched buzzing. Yeah.

Since then I've eaten a couple of slices of whole wheat bread, the rest of the cheesecake and a slice of sweet potato pie (which I have tweaked until it's basically just a baked sweet potato in crust) so my sensitivity to the sugar has died down. But that was sure an interesting wake-up call as to how sugar affects me.

Now the in-laws are gone, and I'm back on plan. Since I'm now on Phase 2, I had a piece of whole wheat bread with natural, no-sodium peanut butter for breakfast, but I'm not planning on having any more grains or sugars for the rest of the day.

Now if I could just get my bum to the gym. This is my Achilles heel this year. I just can't seem to do it and I need to work on that. Maybe watching The Biggest Loser tonight will inspire me to pack my swim bag and get up at 6 AM tomorrow.

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