Monday, January 12, 2009

Day 8

-6 pounds

I'm still feeling great. For whatever reason I'm not getting bored with Phase 1 of South Beach this time around and I'm not finding it hard to do. I think it's because I'm making an effort to make my food as interesting as possible. Last time I had a lot of lunches that consisted of chicken breast and homemade tomato sauce. While that tasted great the first 3 or 4 times, after that I was so bored that I didn't want to eat at all.

This time I'm making great stews and tenderloin in the crock pot and getting more adventurous with spices and oils. It's definitely making this a more feasible way to live for the next week. Then I get to eat fruit again. Yay! I'm planning to make it to next Monday on Phase 1, but Jason's parents are coming into town this weekend and I don't know where we'll wind up for meal times. We may go to this French place Jason and I like and they have aMAzing bread. But you only get 1 piece usually so it may not be too bad if I indulge

Also, I went to the doctor this morning for my annual check-up because I'm making an attempt to act like a grown up who actually does things like have an annual check-up and my blood pressure is 110/70. Woo! However, my heart rate was 75 bpm. I had just been walking around the office, so my resting heart rate is probably in the 60s. Over the summer I had a low of 48 and that felt pretty cool so it's definitely time to get back to the gym and get my heart all super healthy again.

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