Sunday, March 05, 2006


Dinner: Chicken Quesadilla Lean Pocket and apple
(Bad and Unhealthy) PM Snack: Cornnuts in a teensy bowl in an attempt at portion control. Sometimes I crave me some Cornnuts, but I can only eat them when I'm alone because I realize they stink.

1/2 hour with Denise. We worked our bums.

Breakfast: Pria chocolate peanut butter bar and a few cashews
AM Snack: A serving of mini twist pretzels and the last of the d***ed red raspberry dollars. They're so yummy though and so good to suck on.
Lunch: Cosi salad and bread(on the firm's tab. And just for the record, I bought a Diet Coke too and the bill was $9.34. Highway robbery!)
PM Snack: Mmm, sort of missed that bit. I wasn't hungry. Cosi bread filled me up.
Dinner: Philly steak Lean Pocket and a teensy bowl of Cornnuts (because I'm by myself, you see)
Dessert: Teensy bowl of Breyer's Carb Smart in chocolate (tonight the grocery store had Rocky Road in the Carb Smart, but it was $5.50, whereas Target has the regular chocolate for $3.19. I really want to try the Rocky Road sometime and see if Splenda can turn out a marshmallow)

No Denise tonight. I'm beat!

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