Saturday, March 11, 2006

Fell Off the Wagon

Well, obviously I haven't logged things for the last couple of days. I was in Boston and ate fine. Then I came back to DC and I was ok, until yesterday. Last night I got home and since I took a 7 AM flight and then worked until 7 PM I was way too pooped to work out with Denise. Plus, I was seized with PMS cravings like I have not had in months. I was fixated on Ben and Jerry's. However once I got to the store, I gave myself a little talking-to and wound up getting some Pepperidge Farm cookies and dunking them in skim milk. Slightly lower calories and slightly lower fat than a 1/2 pint of B&J's. And let's be honest. With the way I was feeling last night I'm pretty sure I would have downed the entire pint. I haven't had cravings like that in awhile. I needed chocolate in the worst way. The darker the better.

On the upside, I measured myself again and two weeks after starting the eating marginally better and working out with Denise Austin plan, I've lost a little in my arms. My upper body is always the first place I lose so I'm taking that as a hopeful sign that I am actually doing some good and that the lower body diminishment will soon follow.

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eve said...

The important thing is you're trying. Even just saying "I want B & J but I'm going to have milk and cookies" is a victory!! Keep up these good habits!