Thursday, March 16, 2006

Ooo, This Could Be Dangerous

I just discovered something that makes it a very good thing that I'm only working this job for a few more days. The firm cafeteria. Not only is the food there yummy, but it's also heavily subsidized so they can do things like offer ribs, fries and coleslaw for lunch for $4! Amazing. So guess what I had for lunch yesterday? In my defense, I had a Pria bar for breakfast and then got stuck on a project that prevented me from eating my mid-morning snack so I was famished. OK, that's not really a defense because it just reinforces in your mind that my eating habits really aren't that great despite my noble efforts. OK, then, that's my excuse. I was famished, there were cheap ribs available, thus I ate the cheap ribs.

And they were so, so good.


fb said...

It sounds like you hae been verfy busy lately. One meal or one day is not going to stop your life long quest to be healthy and fit right? Today is another day!

Anonymous said...

Firm cafeterias are awesome.