Friday, March 03, 2006


First off, I did a 1/2 hour with Denise last night. This is after I ran to the train because I left work late, missed my train, took the opportunity to run to the bank before the next train came, and ran back to the train station (although this time I went into the opposite entrance and discovered where all the homeless men in the city sleep at night. Fun). I caught the train, but then realized I would probably miss my bus. So the train stopped and I took off running, up the escalator, through Pentagon station, and up the next escalator, only to discover an empty bus platform and no bus. Every other night the bus has dawdled for at least 5 minutes before leaving, but last night, of course, it left right on time.


To finish up Thursday:
PM snack: small apple with about 1 oz of cheddar cheese (cheese and fruit rocks, by the way) and 20 (a serving) of mini twist pretzels
Dinner: small apple, meatball Lean Pocket. Have you tried the Lean Pockets? One of my roommates is a LP junkie and the smell of them cooking used to drive me wild. Well, turns out they actually taste pretty darn good too. I'm working my way through the entire line and trying all the flavors, although I have to say the bacon, egg and cheese breakfast variety didn't thrill me.

Breakfast: Pria chocolate peanut butter crunch bar and some cashews
AM Snack: 10 red raspberry dollars. Not healthy at all! Once this box is gone, I'm not buying them anymore. I actually just like to suck on them while doing document review.
Lunch: Chicken Milano sandwich from Quizno's. What's that? You say it's how many calories? La la la, I can't hear you! I ate the last of my curry for lunch yesterday and haven't had the chance to make anything else. I was going to get a salad at Cosi, but I swear their prices just keep going up. Pretty soon it's going to take $10 to get lunch at what is basically a fancy Subway (although I would kill for their bread recipe).

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