Monday, April 29, 2013

At Least I Made It To the Pool!

I didn't actually get in the pool, but I was there, darn it! 

My swimming buddy canceled this morning because she wasn't feeling well and I flirted with the idea of not going, but convinced myself to get up and go.  Which I did. 

Only when I got to the pool, it was jam packed.  There were 2 super fast women in one lane, and I knew if I got in with them, I would drive them crazy.  All of the other lanes were full of people swimming soooo slooooowly.  Like, casually doing breaststroke slowly.  I knew if I got in with them, I would have to keep stopping and trying to pass people and I would go crazy. 

So I stood there for almost 10 minutes, holding my kickboard and goggles, hoping someone would get out.  A guy who I've seen there before and who swims at about my pace came out of the men's locker room, quickly made the same assessment of the other swimmers as I had, said "I don't have time for this", and walked back into the locker room.

I finally gave up too, and drove home.  What I should have done was brought my sneakers with me so I could have hopped on the elliptical instead, but I hadn't thought to do that.

So I walked halfway to work, and I'm planning to walk home tonight.  Not as good as a swim, but at least it's something.

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