Wednesday, April 10, 2013


(Wasn't that a bad Steven Seagal movie...?  No, wait.  IMDB informs me it was Jean-Claude Van Damme.)

Last night, a friend and I checked out a kickboxing class, courtesy of a Rhode Island Monthly* deal.  I've never done kickboxing before, but have always been intrigued by it.

Well, it was fantastic.  When I say "fantastic", I mean it completely kicked my butt.  I don't think I've ever sweat so much, and that might include when we moved during a very hot and muggy July with no air conditioning. 

I knew I was in trouble when I was winded and in pain from the WARM-UP.  Burpees, jumping jacks, running in place.  Gah!  Last night I was already having trouble walking.  Today I am sore all over, which is great.  I have to say, kicking and punching a big bag is pretty gratifying, and toward the end I really felt like I was getting in the groove.

The instructor was a really nice and welcoming guy, who made you laugh even as he was trying to kill you.  Everyone else in the class was nice too.  There is camaraderie in group suffering!  The girl I share a punching bag with told me she's been coming there for a couple of months and she loves it because the workout is always different.  (If you're local and want the info on the gym, let me know.)

My friend and I have 4 more kickboxing classes on our deal, and we're going to try to go once a week for the next month.  We also have 5 kettlebell classes to use, which is something else I've never done.

Of note: I spent most of yesterday in a deeply fatigued state.  I wasn't sure how far I would get in the class, but once we started warming up and my heart started pumping, I was in it all the way, and felt really energized.  Which tells me that extreme shingles fatigue is no excuse, and maybe working out might even help with my fatigue.  Good to know.

* Non-compensated plug: If you live in Rhode Island, you should get Rhode Island Monthly.  It's a really good magazine with lots of useful information and reviews.

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