Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Challenge: 30 Minutes, 30 Days

I was going to write this yesterday, but, you know, other things seemed more important.  I'm so glad no one I knew was hurt in the explosions at the Boston Marathon, and I'm so sad about what happened.  But I'm heartened by the lovely words and feelings everyone is sharing today.

So I've decided to challenge myself in a way that has worked well in the past: 30 minutes of activity per day for 30 days.  I started yesterday with a great 3.4 mile walk first thing in the morning.  Today I went for a walk at lunch up the hill to the sporting goods store and back down to work.  I bought boxing gloves because tonight my friend and I are going to our second kickboxing class.* 

Prepare for blog posts and Facebook updates complaining about the kickboxing soreness.  The good thing is, with this challenge, I can't stop moving.  I may only go for a walk, or a little swim, but at least I'll be doing something to work through the pain, and I won't be sedentary all day long.

* I say ugh to the pink boxing gloves.  For the ladies.  The thing is, I like pink.  I like the red that I bought better, but I would be more inclined to buy the pink if I didn't feel like someone was patronizing me. 

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Barbara Ann said...

Hi Kelly!
I have been reading through your whole blog from the beginning of this year and can totally relate. I usually exercise 3-4 times a week at the Y here, but I am always meaning to work on my eating. I think the problem is that I don't ever have any firm goals that I stick to. We try to eat mostly clean foods here and don't buy much that is prepackagd. I also like to stay up late and I don't enjoy going out to shovel my car off in the dark, so I haven't been going out at 5 to work out with my friends in the ward and have just been doing my own thing. I think I might follow your example and track my progress and goals on my blog. It looks really motivating!