Wednesday, May 01, 2013

May! & Challenge Update

Today the weather has decided to say it's sorry.  The first of May is beautiful with not a cloud in the sky!  Growing up in Tucson, I never realized how rare a cloud-free day could be.

I went for a long walk at lunch and really didn't want to come back inside at all.  I was talking with a friend yesterday about how if I knew then what I knew now, rather than go to law school, I would have become a park ranger.  Or a scuba instructor.  Something that would let me be active and outside!  The complete opposite of a lawyer.

You know it's bad when your legs ache from NOT moving around.  At least today I'm in pain because of last night's kickboxing class.

Speaking of which, I'm long overdue for a challenge check-in.  I had kind of a bad week last week where everything kept getting in the way, but I did try to walk as much as possible. 

So here's how it's going:
  • April 19, Day 5: 1-hour swim
  • Day 6: 45-minute swim
  • Day 7: 40-minute walk
  • Day 8: 1-hour swim
  • Day 9: 30-minute walk
  • Day 10: um...nothing
  • Day 11: Nothing (was supposed to kickbox, but everything conspired against me)
  • Day 12: Nothing (was supposed to swim.  Again, fates, conspiring, etc.)
  • Day 13: Drove a lot and walked some.  We drove teenage girls to Albany and then Jason and I went to Lake Placid where we walked all along the main street and in shoppes.  So I got 8000 steps, despite spending about 11 hours of my day sitting in a car.
  • Day 14: A solid amount of housework, including carrying multiple loads of laundry from the 2nd floor to the basement and back again.  I also spent some quality time in the hammock recuperating from the previous day's trip to Albany.
  • Day 15: Over 90 minutes of walking
  • Day 16: 1-hour kickboxing
  • Day 17: 45-minute walk

All told, I think I'm at around 66% compliance with the 30 minutes for 30 days challenge.  Not awesome, but better than nothing, right?  I mean, I could have just been sitting on my bum every day, not even thinking about how I should be out there moving.

Tomorrow I plan to swim, Friday I'm planning to hit the strength training class, and Saturday I'll swim.  At the very least, this week is shaping up to be much better than last week.

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