Wednesday, April 24, 2013


It's official, we are fundraising for our swim in St. John!  If you're interested in donating, check out the page for our team, The Rhode Island Quahogs.

What's a Quahog, you ask?  First of all, it's pronounced coe-hog.

Second, it's a giant clam and in Rhode Island you can often find their big white shells on the beaches. 

Quahog clams are used in Stuffies, a Rhode Island specialty.

Quahog is also the fictional town in Family Guy, which is set in Rhode Island and takes on new layers when you actually live in Rhode Island and know the people here.

(I kind of love that when you do a Google image search for "Quahog" you get a pretty even mix of pictures of clams and scenes from Family Guy.)

So the Rhode Island Quahogs are set to dominate!  Or at least finish.  Our team has had a series of illness and injury setbacks this Spring, so when we finish those 3.5 miles, I'm just going to be happy that we did it, no matter where we fall in the line-up.

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