Tuesday, May 03, 2011

I Know I've Said This Before

I'm a little OCD about food and fitness numbers. During the week I record all my food. During the weekend I record most/some of my food because I'm not tied to a computer like I am during the week. However, I am always aware of what's going in my mouth even if I'm not sitting in front of the computer typing in what I ate.

I also meticulously record all my workouts because it's fun. I'm determined to beat my last SparkPeople streak of 12 days in a row of 30 minutes of exercise.

And like I've said before, I have determined that if calories in/calories out was really all there is to it, I would have lost these cruddy 30-40 pounds AGES ago.

According to the Fitbit charts (ooo, charts!), over the last 30 days alone, if you're talking about calorie deficits, I should have lost 8 pounds. There is something else at work here.

By the way, I have officially decided that if after this 30-Day Fitness Challenge and eating low-carb within my supposed calorie range I still haven't lost any weight (or significant inches), I'm getting my thyroid checked. Because, frankly, if in 21 days I'm still exactly where I was after busting my butt and being fairly meticulous with my eating (with a brownie bite here and there on a weekend), I am going to be really ticked.

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