Thursday, May 26, 2011


I feel so bad. I broke Jason's Fitbit!

Saturday, I did a bunch of laundry and I grabbed his pajama pants off the bed because he has a tendency to let them get - how shall I say this delicately? - stinky before washing them. Or before I demand he let me wash them. They're his favorite fleece pants that his aunt made into fleece cargo pants with pockets all over them. The man loves his cargo pants.

Later in the day we were driving somewhere and he mentioned he forgot to put his Fitbit on that morning.

I didn't put the two together until later that night when he asked, "Where are my fleece pants?" and then informed me that his Fitbit was in one of the pockets. I always, always check the pockets of his pants and shorts before I wash them, but it never occurred to me to check his pajama pockets.

I RAN down to the basement and pulled out all the clothes before finding his sad, damp Fitbit at the very bottom of the washing machine.

But wait! It worked!

Only then it stopped working.

I read on the Fitbit community pages how other people have saved theirs after laundering by letting them sit in something that absorbs water (like rice) so it's been sitting in a tupperware of special crystal absorbant kitty litter (CLEAN kitty litter) for the past few days. Last night, Jason tried it and it was still dead.

He is obviously so disappointed, but trying to be nice to me about it. I keep telling him not to worry because I'm going to buy him a new one. He says that's not necessary, but whatever. What's the point of having the Number 1 active score if you can't beat your husband's active score, in addition to the score of other friends and acquaintances? I have to have someone to lord it over at home.

(Our friend Deborah has now bumped me off the active score top spot again, but I'll be back!)

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