Sunday, May 15, 2011

Day 21: Rest Day

Today I cried uncle. I worked too hard over the last couple of days and my body was just begging for rest today.

Friday after work I did Jillian Michaels's 30-Day Shred (or "shredded". I like that use of the verb). I forgot how much that DVD makes me a sweaty beast! Not only that, but it works some muscles like nothing else does.

Saturday morning I got up and swam for an hour. I modified my Masters workout a bit so that I did fewer drills and more timed intervals, including several 25 sprints, which I did in a satisfying 18 seconds. I felt great afterward.

Then Saturday afternoon we went to help a friend move from one 2-story apartment to another 2-story apartment. I begged off lifting some of the super-heavy stuff, but I definitely worked hard. Then I came home and cooked two huge pans of a Mexican casserole and no-bake cookies for a church fundraiser this morning. We hosted a lunch to raise money to pay for the teenage girls I work with to go to girls' camp at the end of July.

I woke up this morning aching EVERYwhere. My legs especially, but my back and arms hurt too. But we had a fundraiser to do! So I popped some ibuprofen and left for church, loaded down with food, and tulips for centerpieces.

Of course, nothing can go normally at our church. The hot water heater sprung a leak. So the bishop cut church short by an hour and we hurriedly heated up all the food and set up all the tables and were ready to go by noon. It was a success!

I got home a bit after 2, with the thought of going for a 30-minute walk, since my soreness had faded a bit thanks to ibuprofen and adrenalin. Only it was raining.

So I waited. But once I sat down for a half hour, I realized, hey, I'm sore.

I'm really sore.

I think I need to give my body a break.

So I have, and even though I'm feeling kind of bad about not perfectly finishing my 30-Day Challenge, I think it was the right choice.

Tomorrow, it's back to work, both real work and exercise.

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Deb Kaz said...

Good decision - determination should be tempered with common sense! And yes - your fundraising lunch was a great success - loved your Mexican casserole!