Thursday, January 14, 2010

Working Out With the Husband

I planned to go to the gym this morning, but despite stretching after my workouts the last 2 days, my left calf is super sore. So I decided it was best to rest today. I have a doctor's appointment early tomorrow morning, but am going to try to get to the gym anyway.

In other gym-related news, I think I've talked Jason into coming to the gym with me on Saturday. I can add him to my membership for only $15 and the front desk lady said he could come in one day to check things out before he commits to a membership. He started running a bit last year and was getting into a good groove, but then stopped for some reason. I think it may have to do with me getting sick and stopping my own workouts. I think he felt more motivated when I was exercising too.

I'm hoping exercising might improve his mood. He seems to be in a bit of a funk lately. As he said last night, he is full of ennui. Read: he's bored. All of his Providence buddies have moved away, as have most of the Boston ones (and it's kind of an ordeal to make plans with most of the remaining Boston friends). He feels like life has become a cycle of work, TV, sleep, repeat. I have noticed that trend as well, though I am lucky to have a mid-week activity with the Young Women every week to break up some of the monotony, as well as my weekly craft night with some of the ladies from church. We do have a few local friends who would be fun to hang out with more, it's just easier to continue with the routine than do something different. Inertia.

I did mention that maybe one of these nights instead of plunking down in front of the TV, he could start on one of the myriad cleaning projects he's been meaning to work on for the last year and a half or so. He wasn't too keen on that suggestion.

Anyway, I think exercising would at least give him something different to do. Also, he still complains about the advent of his belly, so maybe moving more would actually help in that regard as well. Call me crazy. Plus, if he ever gets to the point where the endorphins start kicking in, it can only improve his outlook in general.

Also, in a selfish vein, it would be fabulous to have a workout buddy once a week. Our schedules are so different that he would never wake up at 6 to go to the gym with me, but on Saturday mornings we can go together a bit later. So this Saturday, I'm planning on going with him. Hopefully he is too.

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