Sunday, January 17, 2010


That's right. I'm coughing. Again.


I can't even express how completely annoyed I am.

I also can't express how annoying I must be to everyone around me. When I cough it's this wracking, lung-wrenching, soul-crushing cough. My body does not go about things half-a**ed.

At least we have tomorrow off of work so I can drag myself around the house, coughing my brains out, and won't bug my co-workers. Here's hoping it's better by Tuesday. If my doctor's office is open tomorrow, I will be giving them a call.

In other, more interesting and positive news, Jason has said he definitely wants to join the Y with me. Yay! So I'll have a workout buddy on Saturdays. Hopefully we'll motivate each other and won't be a drag on each other, convincing the other one to stay in bed all morning. I was pretty good on Saturday at getting him out the door. The key for me was that I had eaten a little breakfast and didn't want to wait too long before going to the gym because then I would have gotten hungry during the workout and that's no fun. And sometimes results in a migraine. So I had a time limit and I told him I was leaving and he needed to get ready to go.

I had hoped to go over with him tomorrow and get him signed up and work out together again. Well, at least we can get him signed up.


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