Thursday, January 07, 2010

Eating the BMR

Since I'm not working out, my plan is to eat at about my BMR - which according to the equation on the Jillian Michaels site (which I'm pretty sure is the same as the one my nutrition specialist friend recommended to me) is 1627. This is with no exercise, since I'm a lazy bum right now, sitting around all day to minimize coughing.

I'm trying to remember that it's important that I eat enough. The last thing I want is to have my body in "starvation mode", holding onto everything I eat. I honestly think that's one problem I had last year. I'm sure I'll have to remind myself of this AGAIN when I start working out.

The one diet thing I would change right now is to lower my sodium. Generally, I eat pretty low-sodium, but since I still haven't made it to the store yet (happening tonight!), I've been indulging in the Au Bon Pain soup buffet for lunch. I love love love soup in the winter! The ABP stuff isn't high calorie, generally, but wow is there a lot of sodium. I'm sure once I stop eating the soup on a regular basis, I'll probably deflate a bit.

Last night at the Young Women's mid-week activity we had a discussion about New Year's Resolutions and talked to the girls about what they want to accomplish. The YW President and her husband dedicated themselves to healthy living last year and they are looking fantastic! I am so impressed by them. I made sure to tell her so last night and told her that as soon as I'm well, it's back to the gym I go. She emphasized to me that it's most important for me to get well, which I thought was sweet.

It's hard to be patient, though. I have a plan and I want to get going with it. Though maybe it's best. Maybe by the time I head back to the gym, the giant resolutioner crowd will have thinned out some.


Donna said...

Sadly, to have low-sodium soup, I think you have to make your own. But it's soooo worth it!

Kim said...

Hey Kelly! I am on Ravelry. I don't think we ever talked about that before... Are you on there too???

Kelly said...

Donna, so true. Good thing I like making soup and it lets me use my favorite kitchen accessory - the crock pot.