Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Cheese Question

Still waiting for the coughing to stop, so no gym yet. Judging by the coughing fits I had last night, it may be optimistic to think I'll be back in the gym next week. Sigh. Since cardio is out, I think I'll try to wake up early tomorrow and see if strength training makes me cough. Fingers crossed.

On the food front, I've been pretty sensible. More carbs than I would like, but I haven't made it to the grocery store yet so I'm dealing with what we have in the house, which is nonperishable and carb-ful. Oatmeal and such. However, I have some ground turkey thawing and some kidney beans hydrating and I plan to make healthy chili in the crock pot either tomorrow or Friday.

I've discovered that I LOVE Laughing Cow cheese wedges. Some friends moved away at the end of November and I inherited their leftover Laughing Cow cheeses. Tasty! So I snapped up a couple packages when I saw them on sale a few weeks later and am now wondering what to do with them if I want to limit carbs. Sure, they're delicious on bread and crackers, but does anyone have any other ideas of how to use them? Other than on celery.


Amazon Alanna said...

I'm willing to bet that some of the flavors would taste yummy on apple slices.

Sorry to hear that you're still coughing. Fell better, Kelly.

Andrea@WellnessNotes said...

I hope you'll get better soon!

I like Laughing Cow cheese, too. I use it in smashed cauliflower (which I often make instead of mashed potatoes). And, yes, I know I'm weird, I actually sometimes eat a wedge or two by itself as a snack when I want to stay a little lower carb...

Kelly said...

Alanna, the plain would probably taste great on apples. Thanks for the idea!

Andrea, I admit, when there's a bit left over, I just eat the cheese plain.